Range Of Services

Range Of Services

1.2013 news outdoor leisure furniture

2.Rattan outdoor leisure furniture

3.textilene outdoor leisure furniture

4.portable folding outdoor furniture

5.patio outdoor umbrella

6.Outdoor gazebo

7.patio swing chair

8.Plastic leisure furniture


Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan garden leisure furniture modeling simple, stylish and elegant, with some public art, as compared with traditional plant rattan furniture, which not only has the traditional hand-woven texture texture characteristics, but also has good flexibility, high strength, color stability , with a long fade, the product is easy to clean, no mildew, UV, not afraid of wind and rain, light and strong, and low cost advantages, which is widely used and has become the mainstream of outdoor furniture products, by the consumer who loved. Thus we have introduced all kinds of rattan outdoor furniture: rattan bar set, rattan sofa sets, rattan restaurant sets, rattan basket, rattan disassembly family of four, rattan lying bed, recliner, rattan flower boxes , trash, etc.

Textilene Outdoor Furniture
Textilene leisure furniture with smooth surface cool, breathable mesh fabric excellent shuttleless textile-based, easy to carry, simple structure, suitable for mass production. We launched Textilene outdoor furniture products, for textilene selected high strength polyester industrial filament as the core, to anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation Eco-polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is coated sheath by pulling light, cooling and other process forms smooth surface, waterproof, wear full environment-friendly Teslin fabric. Products every procedure strictly in accordance with international environmental requirements. Our products are widely used in outdoor leisure products, placemats, floor
Blanket. Thus we have introduced all kinds of Textilene outdoor furniture: chairs sets Textilene Textilene Sofa Set, Textilene chair, Textilene Candian.

Portable Outdoor Furniture
Modern society, people's leisure activities are no longer just a simple friends and family gather together to eat, drink, and has a more rich connotation, people gradually began to select some of the more healthy way of regulation and relax physically and mentally determined to achieve regeneration, physical and mental pleasure purposes. Thus, in this environment, to individuality, close to nature and relax as the goal of outdoor travel, camping, picnic become a trend in modern life activities. In this one, portable outdoor shade products is essential, which mainly include portable outdoor tables and chairs, portable outdoor tents and umbrellas products.

Outdoor umbrellas
Patio umbrellas mainly refers to with UV, rain and high wind and other functions of a large class of non-handheld sun umbrella, it is usually through the metal, marble and other base fixed to the ground with garden leisure furniture, leisure sofas and other furniture with the use, so that People under the sun to get chilly.

Outdoor awnings / gazebos
Patio shade awning mainly refers to meet people close to nature and enjoy the sun and other needs while in private courtyard, terrace, sun room windows of houses or mounted on top of a series of direct sunlight to prevent the generation of local overheating and glare shielding and protecting items products. Such products in shape, novel compact, dominated by hemispherical or polygonal appearance; in color, beautiful and lively, often used in high brightness and purity of color, to add a touch of quiet life lively atmosphere; while in the structure Formally, mainly divided into two kinds of fixed and movable.

Garden swing chair
In modern courtyard outdoor leisure furniture, autumn dry chair with its low price, versatile, attractive appearance, and many other advantages, loved by consumers, mostly arranged in the courtyard, terrace, balcony and other more spacious outdoor space. On the load in terms of quantity, the product can be divided into single swing chair, double swing chair and multiplayer autumn dry chair of three types: the material can be divided by product rattan swing chair, Textilene swing chair, swing chair oxford, straps swing, hammock swing chairs and other types. In addition, as people seek to continuously improve the quality of life of many higher grade swing chair has also started to meet people dumpster cup, books and other needs of the auxiliary functions.

Plastic leisure furniture
Plastic leisure furniture with good flexibility, high strength, color stability, able to maintain long-term does not fade, the product is easy to clean, no mildew, UV, not afraid of wind and rain, light and strong, low cost and other advantages, and thus widely used, has become the mainstream of outdoor furniture products by consumers. Thus we have introduced all kinds of plastic leisure furniture series: ABS Luxury chair, PC Luxury chair, PP luxury leisure chairs, office chairs, bar chairs, upholstered chairs series.

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